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Our vision, and personal motivation, is to plant a tree for each new born baby born in Australia, starting within our local communities.


  • To benefit Australian communities, now and in the future, with forests grown all around the country

  • Commemorate the birth of our children in a beautiful and meaningful way

  • Bring joy to the local communities through the beauty of the forests and the benefits that spending time in them give

  • Foster community spirit and collaboration

  • Provide a carbon offset choice for local business and industry

  • Further, to benefit, nurture and foster, Australian wildlife through re-establishing wildlife corridors

  • Through this initiative, and education, have direct impact counteracting the devastating effects of global deforestation and its effect on the environment

Our Vision


About Us

Tree Tribes Australia was founded by Nicky Roberts and is based on a similar concept that Nicky experienced while living in Neuchatel, Switzerland. 


When her two beautiful children (now 11yo and 6yo) were born, trees were planted in the local forests in honour of their births. It's a practice parts of Switzerland follow with all newborns and the idea absolutely thrilled her!  It took a friend to suggest that it didn’t have to just be a really lovely story – it was something she could do for families and communities here in Australia too, while making a positive difference to the environment – planting forests, for babies and their future.


That was when Tree Tribes Australia was born!


Our Team

Lynn Maguire


Lynn has had over 25 years business management, marketing, IT, and business development experience working in Training and development, Business development and an owner of her own IT Training Company.

She has worked in Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, and the United Kingdom. Initially working as a Trainer and Installer of hospitality software and hardware throughout Australia Asia progressing to IT Engineer then moving to London to head a medical IT support desk team in Teddington London and Leeds, she moved back to Australia Queensland to become IT Manager Astral Asia for a large hotel resort chain. From here Lynn moved to Boeing Australia to join the IT Learning and Development team and quickly moved into a coaching role for their empowerment leadership team. With this experience Lynn set up her own IT training company in Cairns Australia. 


Her achievements in her latter career have been in Business Development management, and Marketing across several industries from Registered Training Organisations to Construction Companies, she now manages her own family business with her husband in construction. 

A Comment From Lynn:
Nicky Roberts


Nicky has a BSc in Mathematics and Economics, and a BSc (hons) in Economics. Having also published a paper on Gender Wage Discrimination.


She has worked in South Africa (as a junior Economics lecturer at the University of KwaZulu Natal); in London (policy director at the British Bankers’ Association); in Switzerland (at Stonehage Fleming, in compliance, working with private clients, and also in the back office with the trustees).

Currently based in Australia, she worked as a Quality Assurance, Workplace Health and Safety, and Environmental Management officer for MPA Engineering and QLM Label Makers, Brisbane, before embarking on Tree Tribes. 

A Comment From Nicky:

“I’m at the stage of my life where I want to make a difference.  I’ve had an interesting career, learnt some amazing things, worked with some brilliant people – and although in my own little way, I may have made a difference (and sometimes as simply as by helping put a smile on someone’s face), the roles I’ve had, with one exception, have ultimately, when distilled, been about a “bottom line” for corporates or individuals.


The exception was as a junior economics lecturer at a university in South Africa, I had the opportunity to work with educationally-disadvantaged students. I found this work to be immensely fulfilling, and those brilliant students helped shape a lot of my views on society. So, now again I have a chance to “give-back”. This time, through helping grow our forests, for babies in Australia (and maybe one day even further afield). And to just maybe, leave the world a slightly better place for having been in it. 


I have always loved trees. Ever since I was a little girl. But this is more than just about growing trees and re-forestation. I want to really benefit communities: helping celebrate the birth of their children; teaching people about climate change, about pollution, about how we can change behaviours to all “make a difference”; and enjoy the forests that we can grow together.”

"I am a devoted mum of four children, two beautiful step sons aged 19 and 17 and two girls aged 8 and 10.  But it wasn’t until I joined the Moreton Bay Koala Rescue volunteer team that I felt something special, and it was then that something resonated with me, particularly when my daughter said to me at the age of 8 “Mum I’m really proud to tell my class that you save koalas."

It was a few years later that my dear friend Nicky approached me with a business idea. I was so excited and passionate about the ethos and knew straight away that I had to be a part of it and contribute to try and make a difference perhaps in some way that my children and their children can be proud of."